Let’s Partner in Your Health!

Initial Appointment- $225

Here’s what to expect in our initial appointment together:

  • An in-depth assessment of your health history, concerns, symptoms, and goals.
  • Review of your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire- (NAQ)- an online assessment with over 300+ questions, evaluating for possible needed foundational support and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Review of your Food & Mood Journal- you’ll be tracking 3 days of food intake, to evaluate current energy levels, mood, sleep habits, & digestive function.
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis functional lab to assess mineral and heavy metal content. HTMA results reflect health at the cellular level and show vital bio-individual details on digestion, blood sugar, energy and stress levels.
  • We build a customized plan to improve your nutrition and lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals.

* The Initial Consult can be completed utilizing Zoom.

HTMA Special- $125

The HTMA special, which includes HTMA and consultation, is offered as an introductory service to my practice.

Functional Clinical Assessment-$75

The Functional Clinical Assessment is a valuable tool to evaluate foundational imbalances and nutrient needs. By utilizing lymphatic, neurologic and circulatory points on the body It gives us instant feedback on your current health status. This evaluation is available for existing, local clients.

Follow-up appointments-$75

Follow-ups are important to monitor progress, as well as give support, encouragement and accountability.

Wellness Chats via text, email or phone calls $0 Complimentary!

It is important to me to offer regular support and encouragement to my clients to address any concerns or questions that may arise!

Package Option

Healing and optimal health is a journey and a multilayered process. Working together through a package offers support and guidance for better success.

Foundational Wellness Package – $375 ($425 value)

Includes the Initial Appointment with 3 follow ups – In this package, we discover needed foundational support and explore personal inflammatory triggers including possible food sensitivities and as well as toxins which block the body’s ability to achieve optimal health.

Free Phone Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about nutritional therapy? Schedule a free phone consultation with me so we can visit about your health goals and concerns. Let’s see if partnering with me is a right for you!