Welcome to HopeFound Wellness, where hope and health can be found through the power of nutritional therapy! My name is Becky and I’m a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Supplement Specialist. I help those struggling with chronic inflammation and its negative effects to feel strong, healthy, and vibrant! I support my clients in full body health with personalized nutrition, targeted supplementation, and a balanced lifestyle approach. As a Functional Supplement Specialist, I choose the best quality and most bioavailable supplements possible. I am a root cause practitioner, utilizing Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and other functional assessment tools like applied kinesiology and the Organic Acids Test to discover root causes of dis-ease and personal inflammatory triggers. I see clients in person and virtually. If you would like to connect with me for your FREE Phone Consultation, please use the contact tab and I will get back to you shortly!

What is Nutritional Therapy?

As a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner(FNTP), I use a holistic approach to health and nutrition. I assess symptoms and imbalances in the body and determine their root cause. I focus on the whole person, considering each client’s bio-individual needs. Each person has their unique circumstances such as age, chronic conditions, food sensitivities, and stress levels that must be considered when making nutritional and lifestyle recommendations. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach to nutritional therapy.

I do not diagnosis or treat disease but I help you balance the foundations of health which include digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acid status, hydration, mineral balance and nutrition. As these foundations come back into balance, through real food and targeted supplementation, health issues will be addressed and supported. Nutritional therapy is very powerful and offers much hope and healing to the body. Optimal health and wellness can be achieved through a holistic approach to nutrition.

In my practice, I work with clients to lower inflammation, the root cause of many chronic conditions. I support autoimmune wellness, gut health, blood sugar regulation, and hormone balance.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.-Hippocrates

About Me

I am a wife and mom of 2. I am a Registered Dental Hygienist, Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and an autoimmune warrior. My health journey began many years ago with unexplainable issues like intolerance to heat, a low platelet count, and numbness in my feet. Five years ago, things really ramped up and I developed extensive fatigue, brain fog, headaches, joint pain and a butterfly rash. Because of my health care background, I knew a butterfly rash could be a sign of Lupus. I feared a possible Lupus diagnosis and also feared the standard harsh drug therapy that goes along with it. 

After my rheumatologist confirmed that my immune system was abnormal, and had early signs of Lupus, I was motivated to seek out a natural way to deal with my symptoms and feel better. 

I reshaped my eating habits; taking in healing nutrient dense foods and leaving behind inflammatory processed foods, refined sugars and oils. I avoided dairy and grains because of food sensitivities. I also focused on getting better quality sleep and transitioned to a gentler exercising routine.

Because of my own successes with the healing foods, I wanted to help others on their path to health. This desire led me to the Nutritional Therapy Association and its Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program. 

As I started my studies in the FNTP program, my daughter began her own journey dealing with health issues. After a bout with the flu, she just couldn’t bounce back. She suffered from fatigue, excessive weight loss, and extreme abdominal pain every time she ate.  

Nutritional therapy has made the difference in our health journey.  To have an autoimmune condition has been challenging and difficult for me to deal with, but to have my daughter have to walk a similar path has been unbearable! She has suffered greatly  physically and emotionally because of her condition. God has guided me on my own path of healing and he has guided me as I have cared for my daughter.

I know the fear, pain and frustration of having a chronic health condition. I also know those emotions caring for a loved one who is struggling with one. I am here to encourage and give assurance that hope and healing can be found through nutritional therapy!  Your story matters and I am here to help you on your health journey!


Let’s Partner in Your Health!

Initial Appointment- $225

Here’s what to expect in our initial appointment together:

  • An in-depth assessment of your health history, concerns, symptoms, and goals.
  • Review of your Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire- (NAQ)- an online assessment with over 300+ questions, evaluating for possible needed foundational support and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Review of your Food & Mood Journal- you’ll be tracking 3 days of food intake, to evaluate current energy levels, mood, sleep habits, & digestive function.
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis functional lab to assess mineral and heavy metal content. HTMA results reflect health at the cellular level and show vital bio-individual details on digestion, blood sugar, energy and stress levels.
  • We build a customized plan to improve your nutrition and lifestyle to help you achieve your health goals.

* The Initial Consult can be completed utilizing Zoom.

HTMA Special- $150

The HTMA special, which includes HTMA and consultation, is offered as an introductory service to my practice.

Functional Clinical Assessment-$75

The Functional Clinical Assessment is a valuable tool to evaluate foundational imbalances and nutrient needs. By utilizing lymphatic, neurologic and circulatory points on the body It gives us instant feedback on your current health status. This evaluation is available for existing, local clients.

Follow-up appointments-$75

Follow-ups are important to monitor progress, as well as give support, encouragement and accountability.

Wellness Chats via text, email or phone calls $0 Complimentary!

It is important to me to offer regular support and encouragement to my clients to address any concerns or questions that may arise!

Free Phone Consultation

Are you interested in learning more about nutritional therapy? Schedule a free phone consultation with me so we can visit about your health goals and concerns. Let’s see if partnering with me is a right for you!


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